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Saturday, November 29, 2008

computer talk with a luddite

So, my laptop is eight years old, still running Windows ME. I just fixed its power cord with a pair of tweezers, some nail scissors, and a bit of tape. When in doubt, ignore the father's advice - it will cause unnecessary financial burden, nearly get you fired even at his own company, etc. - in this case, as regards first the repair, then the use of glue, which would render the thing un-re-fixable. I don't want to spend $100 on a cord for a computer that is practically a pre-teen. I doubt I could find a store that sold one.

I like the old interface. Looking at new computers ("Let's see how many icons we can create! Francis Bacon? (b.1561) A pox on all your Windows!" ) I realized that I am nearly willing to spend an extra $500 for a Mac just for the cleaner look. Despite the fact I think MacTM is scum for all the repair problems I've heard about, including the "well known problem, $700 to replace," quoth Mac, with video cards causing pixelated lines to take over the screen of my parent's two-year-old iMac. Though people say stuff about Dell too.

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