the ornithogrinarium - Ψυχῆς ἰατρεῖον

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I walked in the sun, for serotonin enhancing properties. I discussed giving up and not giving up with myself and took notes on relevant examples. I arranged financing for a winter coat that I can wear boots with and not look awkward. Now... boots. I thought about a new blog, unsullied by sexy illustration, where I'd learn to write (my identity as a child, when I was tall and ever out of place. I am Miz. Angst. You know I keep recreating the situation for the powers of invisibility imparted thereby). I save the missive typed by the cat while sitting on my keyboard. I imagine my favourite sexy libertine blogger doing something decidedly tame with me, making it all better. I took half a pill, to make me less cranky and to get myself back in my chair. I underlined in a library book, in pencil, and thought of my essay's outline, oh fuck, it's been too long and I do not want to deal with you any longer.

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