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Saturday, December 13, 2008


I fear my brain may just not organize and reduce well enough to do history any more. The way they use logic seems all wrong, the road deconstructively collapsing behind the author. They ask questions and I can't tell how to answer them without plopping the whole of the course materials on the table in front of them. That's what I said when the prof asked.

Trying again, ten times simpler, with more collective nouns.

Sent draft off to super-editor, hoping it won't cause permanent damage to her soul. She changes three words and imparts directionality.

Considering titling the paper "FUCKED." In tribute to the super-editor's sass.


thesundaygap said...

Consider the idea of committing to writing something mediocre. Simplify, cut it down - make up an outline that seems entirely too simplistic and then plod your way through it.
From there, fill in the details where you wish, it'll keep a sense of flow, at least.
Keep us posted.

Wrenna said...

"Fucked" was inspired by the Super Editor's sassy commentary. You're right, thank you.