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Thursday, December 4, 2008


At Better Burn That Dress, Sister I am now listed as a feminist blogger, which, as despite the yippieness of personal recognition, is a designation I feel the immediate need to apologize for - something about ignorance and the ridiculousness, as someone put it, of female parts calling out to one another in the jungle night. Much more respectable I think is the project publishing reader thoughts on gender being assembled by Sarah at Genderfork, where some gorgeous things are being written.


Jennifer Lyseng said...

I just found a book I've been looking for for years - Adieux: A farewell to Sartre, by Simone de Beauvoir. She writes sometimes like a lover, at times a professional aide and then, like a mother.
This is all to say that my current approach to feminism is to get to know women, and in particular those whose work/lives I admire.

Wrenna said...

That's an exciting find! It sounds like she had a fascinating emotional life. I remember when reading de Beauvoir in school I found the broad strokes of 1970s feminism - women oppressed by men, women whose lives were made smaller in deference to male ambition - very hard to take, a repellant thing to deal with.

Right now I'm reading Eve Sedgwick's A Dialogue on Love, which is about her experience in therapy for depression after cancer treatment. Her recording of it is excruciatingly detailed, as if she's constantly asserting this kind of armored, "see, see, this is what I am. Accept it or leave."