the ornithogrinarium - Ψυχῆς ἰατρεῖον

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my lovely new carp descendant

I got a new fish with a long white tail. I refer to her as 'she' because she is extremely beautiful and elegant. She also has lovely blue eyes. The little burgundy one chased her around at first, hoping for a new mother, and the new one nipped at everyone to assert her excellence, but I think they're all relaxing now.

I went to the pet store by the grocery store where I get coffee and bath salt that smells like a forest, where the fish didn't drive me to distraction with their diseases and their dying. They did, however, send me home with a leaking bag. Pet stores, get it together, you make me feel dirty. At least I didn't have to rescue anyone with an unsuitable personality (eyes fish that looks like a little clown).


thesundaygap said...

how big is your tank? I'm considering getting a new setup for my apartment but wondering if a bigger tank will make it too impersonal, or something.

Wrenna said...

the tank is 15 gallons. it's one of the ones that has a bowed front. i went minimal on decoration, so there is some wood and two spiky dark green plants on it. i think it's impact could be lessened by putting it on a lower table, or in a place that divides up space. you've probably got a very good eye, what with being an artist.

Factory Supervisor said...

we should have photographs to see this beautiful elegance.

(and I need some bath salts that smell like a forest)

Wrenna said...

I will get on with some fish photography, as well as some fog photography, tomorrow, for sure.

And if the address of your studio is correct I will send you discreetly packaged bath salts that smell like a forest in the mail.